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Southernmost Point is a story of action, daring and mystery. All on an island that has attracted adventurers, pirates and dreamers, Key West. Join Dan Simonton and Jimmy "Shogo" Yamada as they track a ruthless East European gangster from Southern California to Key West in order to crack a mystery and murder involving a close friend. The adventure begins when close friend and business associate Chris Smith, comes up missing after being assigned to work as a bodyguard for the mysterious Boris. Only later will Dan Simonton and Jimmy "Shogo" Yamada discover the dark truth behind Chris's disappearance and Boris's true intentions. What follows is an exciting adventure that starts in Southern California and makes its way from Mexico to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to New Orleans and finally reaches its exciting conclusion in Key West. Once you start reading Southernmost Point you better buckle your seat belt because the ride will definitely be rough!

Lost Desert Galleon. From the tropical breezes of Key West to the hot winds of the California desert, Dan Simonton and Jimmy Yamada are back in action. This time they have been hired to help find a legendary lost Spanish galleon said to be buried in the desert sands of California. What follows is a fast-paced mystery and adventure that takes the duo from their tropical home in Key West to the desert of California and what they find is more than anyone bargained for. Don't miss this exciting sequel to Kidd's first novel Southernmost Point.  
Also includes two short bonus stories. "The Gulf Stream" and "The Man in Black". 

Key West Mayhem. From the tropical breezes of Key West to the sunny shores of California, Dan Simonton and Jimmy Yamada are back in action! In this final installment of the series, Simonton and Yamada face their toughest challenge yet. A ruthless criminal named Dimitri is intent on revenge and has them in his sights. Unfortunately, their friends and lovers may end up as collateral damage. Since arriving in Key West the pair have battled a mafia boss and crooked treasure hunter. Just when they think their lives are quieting down, a series of tragedies once again put the pair on a collision course with danger. But this time their luck may have run out! Kidd's first two books "Southernmost Point" and "Lost Desert Galleon" left readers asking for more and "Key West Mayhem" will not disappoint!
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